Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Me? Scared?

There is a franchise of chicken farms around here, founded, I guess in the nearby village of Loué, since it shares the name.  It's a co-operative of farmers who are constrained to raise their poultry as "free range", and feed them only wholesome, nourishing, healthy foods.  It's big enough to have a national advertising campaign on TV, and it seems to work well enough.  Being run by and for the farmers, it looks after their interests against the competing demands of the rest of the supply chain.

We have a syndicated farm just up the road in Saulges, and the man who runs it also now looks after our local aurochs.  Since I therefore meet him from time to time in the Canyon restaurant, it's a good opportunity to sound him out on the potential availability of chickeen manure for my garden.  Does he have any? Yep! Can I get some,  Sure!

It's on the veg patch.  It's even well-rotted so doesn't smell too bad. I'll be back!

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