Monday, 16 April 2012

Musical Weekend

It was the night of the Ste Suzanne Harmonie's Spring concert on Saturday night, in the church of Ste Suzanne. A programme notable for its solos.  We had a movement of a Mozart horn concerto, an Ave Maria by Caccini featuring a flute solo, and the theme from The Man In The Iron Mask, also featuring a flute solo.  The Caccini solo was given by our newest 14yo flute player.  A great chance for her to play to an audience, in front of a bunch of supporting musicians.  Rare in England I think but not exceptional in France.

And on Sunday afternoon, an International Piano competition in Mayenne.  Free to attend, so a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon listening to live piano performances.  I even got the winner of the piano competition right.  Can't be bad.

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