Thursday, 3 January 2013

Nasty! Nasty! Wet! Wet!

We've had a good share of rain this Winter.  Not that I'm unhappy about this: the water table has been low of recent years and the farmers have been complaining.    Now everyone is relieved that things are back to normal.   Well, almost everyone.   I did hear of one farmer complaining that he couldn't harvest his potatoes.   But then where would the world be without a moaning farmer?

And compared to other people's, our rain has been moderate.  They were telling us last night on the telly that the record for a tropical storm is a bit more than 3.6 metres of rainfall in 3 days.  I do find that hard to imagine.   We were on holiday on the isle of Réunion last year, and they have just been hit by a big storm.  Places we went to have been featured on the news, but fortunately, only to report material damage, no casualties.

Although we've only had a few showers during the last few days, parts of my usual walking circuit around the village are still underwater, so my walk the other day took a different route.   You could still see other effects of the rain though:  the stepping stones are not useable, and the centre of the footpath is transformed into a little rivulet.  Grass growing beside the path has been flattened by the flowing water and looks like it has been combed.  Even the roman bridge, deserted by the river's meanderings, has water under it again.


the fly in the web said...

I do like that bridge.

James Higham said...

Looks mightily soggy there.

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