Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The turnip

It was our end-of-term concert at the Evron Harmonie last weekend.  Two concerts in fact, with the same programme; one on the Saturday evening, the other on Sunday afternoon.

Sometimes, when we have to perform a concert, we're not always entirely happy that we have all the pieces off pat ("c'est pas gagné"), but this time, we were confident.  There is always a bit of stress associated with playing in a concert, and the stress is greater for the first concert than the second.  Once the first concert is over and we realise that we've done it, survived, and that it sounded OK, we relax a little for the Sunday, and this usually means that the second concert is more confident, more precise, and better-sounding.

This last time, though, the Saturday concert was better than the Sunday one.  The stress of the first performance sharpened us up.  We were too relaxed and confident on the Sunday and it lacked the level of precision that we had achieved the day before.  Curious.

Our best piece on the Saturday was an arrangement of the theme music from the film Judge Dredd.  Dramatic and menacing, it features a lot of loud percussion that makes it very impressive in our little concert hall.  Now when playing music associated with a film, I like to have seen the film, just so that I know what the music is referring to.  So I got the DVD and watched it. It's aimed more at a teenage audience I think, or perhaps at fans of the original graphic novel.  From my point of view, a dud.  French for a dud film:  un vrai navet - "a real turnip".   (And not, by the way, un vrais panais (parsnip).  OK, so I got my root vegetables mixed up, et alors?

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James Higham said...

I was reading, reading, waiting for the turnip reference. :)

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