Thursday, 9 May 2013


I don't see the point in spending 75 quid on a nice terracotta rhubarb-forcing cloche, because I'm not going to consume 75 quid's worth of rhubarb before I die.  I might as well buy it (the rhubarb) in a supermarket.  For the same reason, I am reluctant to spend 20 quid on polythene cloches for lettuce that doesn't cost very much.

Down at the local garden centre, they were flogging plastic cones for protecting tomato plants.  Shaped from a sheet of plastic and curved into a cone they were 18 euros for three.  Give me a break.

But I do need to plant out some tender plants.  I have augergines growing from seed, and tomatoes that will need to go out soon and that will need some protection.  So I resolved to make some little frames around which I can wrap some bubble-wrap to keep the cold away.

Here are the frames, made from a square of wood and 4 steel rods used for concrete reinforcement.  It cost me 6 euros for the three.  And here they are, protecting my newly-planted aubergines.  Such elegance, style, panache!


Helen Devries said...

Why aren't you Chancellor of the Exchequer?

O.K. I know why'd be competent.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Nah, don't do politics :)

Steve said...

Make and mend. Old fashioned values that still work!

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