Saturday 1 August 2015

Village entertainment

There was an evening of entertainment organised in the village for last evening and night.  For no particular reason that I could discern.   Starting off with a guided walk around the village, with musical entertainment stops, it ended up with a showing of the 1960s film Hair on a big inflatable screen, which finished about 0h30.   In between these, the Moulin du Gô was open to visitors, and food and drink were served in the village.

I didn't do the walk, nor did I participate in the musical entertainments: I'm still not 100% after my kidney stone interventions, so I'm taking it easy.  I did however, visit the moulin du Gô.  It has been vastly improved; the mill stone is connected up, it all works, and the mill can now make proper flour;  there were big sacks of it lying around.   I don't think they have plans to supply it on a commercial basis, but it was nice to see the water wheel doing its thing.   I really like what they have done with it.

The food was described as fouée (f) which seems to be a French version of pitta bread, cooked by the local baker, and stuffed with your choice of fillings, in our case rillettes or tomato salad, or cheese.  They are, apparently, traditional to the Touraine and surrounding areas.

There was also a bunch of local kids selling cakes to make some money.  They called their enterprise "Crazy Young" and spoke to you in English if you wanted.  The name sticks in the brain somehow.   You can tell how busy the village road is, by the fact that the queue for the fouées blocks it, and nobody minds.

I have to confess that a mis-spent youth meant that I had never seen the film Hair (nor the musical, in fact)  So there was something iconic about seeing it for the first time, at night, in an open-air setting, in a big field beside a river in France.


CherryPie said...

It sounds like a fun community event :-)

I have never seen the film (or the musical) Hair ;-)

James Higham said...

Written in English?

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