Thursday, 3 September 2015


We're starting to get that end-of-Summer, autumnal nip in the air in the morning.  We had our first morning mist the other day, rising up from the river down the hill.

Today dawned cool and sunny, so we went down to the restaurant by the river for our morning coffee.  I have to confess to a second motive; there's a really cute young ginger stripey cat that has appeared, (s)he's very friendly, and we took some food down to see if we could tempt it.

Meanwhile, the work on turning the old mill into a restaurant is continuing.  The front has been covered in a cement screed prior to a coat of coloured enduit (no idea of the english word; enduit is a mix of sand and lime).  On the back, the stones are still visible, the outer part of the grout between them having been removed.  I don't know if they intend to cover them up like they have done at the front, but in my view, they would look better if left exposed.

I was interested to see the use of copper for the guttering and the downpipes.  You can see in the picture that the copper guttering almost exactly matches the tiles for colour.  I hope that the colour will be preserved over time; if the copper turns green it will look awful, I'm sure.

They seem to be doing their best to ensure that the building never works again as a mill.  The end of the mill race has been walled off, and I'm told that the intention is to fill what was the race, with gravel.

And to round off, a couple of pics; the first of the river that was sparkling in the morning sun, and the second of men at work.  I was going to say that I could watch people at work all day, but in fact if they were in an office, it would be like watching paint dry.  Construction workers outside are OK though.

The ginger cat wasn't there.


Helen Devries said...

I'd prefer the stones to the render too...

CherryPie said...

There is the feeling of autumn here too. The only problem is... what happened to summer, the warm summer weather seems to have passed us by :-/

James Higham said...

The old mill restaurant - has a nice ring to it.

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