Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Gastronomy Dominie

There comes a time when familiarity with the French language causes a double-take in English.  The prefix "gastro" refers to stomach-related things in both English and French; in English, the context is usually gastronomy, the appreciation of good food.   In French the context is gastro-enteritis.  So if a French person tells you they have a gastro, they are telling you that they are suffering from vomiting and diorrhea in unspecified proportion.

We had lunch with my mum and her partner Ron, in Titchfield Mill; a gastro-pub.  The French would think we were mad.

A fine meal it was too, although the service was slow.  We got the impression that a group of poshly-dressed people in a different part of the pub were getting priority.

After lunch we went off to Abbey Nurseries, a garden centre, just down the road by Titchfield Abbey.  It was sunny and warm enough that we drove with the roof down, since Ron wanted to see how it works.   In the nursery I finally found a red Tree Paeony for my pal Leo, who has been looking for one for ages, and I bought a white one for myself too.

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James Higham said...

How was your stomach later?

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