Sunday, 17 April 2016


We had a short break in Rochefort-en-Terre in the Morbihan in Brittany this last weekend.  It's a little village perched on a rock, separated from the surrounding land by two steep-sided valleys that pass around it.  It's a touristy place, without being twee, and features some interesting architecture, attractive views, various retail outlets for artisans, antique shops, and good dining, including crêpes.  Lots of crêpes.

I was rather taken by the lavoir just off to one side of the town, it is the first one that I have seen that features its own little dam to raise the water level.

We enjoyed our stay in the Tour du Lion, one of the older buildings in the town, in a 1st floor room vith views out onto the square.  It's the building with the little tower (housing the toilet, in fact) and the red umbrella outside.

One of the architectural features I hadn't seen before was in the shutters: the window frames are in oak, as are the frames holding the leaded lights that open.  The oak shutters are attached to the hinged window frames, so they move with the windows.  Hard to show in a phot, but perhaps thsi gives you an idea.

There are many attractive views and buildings to be found as you walk around the town (including a huge wisteria in front of the town hall).

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CherryPie said...

This looks like an interesting town to visit, I particularly like the look of the lavoir, it is rather unusual.

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