Wednesday, 31 August 2016


The field over the road from our place belongs to us, but we don't do anything with it.  That is, we let Nature do her own thing instead.   I would like to see it develop as a wood, or at least a collection of trees, and I have tried to transplant trees there that have sprouted where they're not wanted in the garden.

The transplanting of trees has had limited success.  No matter when I move them, nor what age they are, the trees never seem to put down roots deep enough or fast enough to survive the dry spell in Summer.  The trees that you see here are walnuts, self-seeded from the two trees in my garden, and those that line the road.   They are the only things that survive, and are in fact quite difficult to kill.

I had a go at mowing the grass around them, but with limited success.  The grass is so long that the mower combs it rather than cuts it, and the effect is rather like it got chewed.   I might try again later in the year, although the trees, once they have lost their leaves, are harder to distinguish from the grass.


James Higham said...

You'll sort out a way, Mark, with some intelligent designing.

Lord T said...

Yet nature succeeds purely by chance. Perhaps trying to move then at too late an age shocks and kills them.

Maybe you should go back further in the tree time line and just drop seeds over there when they drop in your garden and try some that have just spouted and cut up the earth so you don't disturb the roots, transplant everything. Let nature take its course it's been working for a very long time.

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