Wednesday 1 November 2017

On the safety of Elves, and protection from lawyers

I have a big garden so I do a lot of gardenng.  This would be hard on the hands if I didn't wear protective gloves of some kind.  And the gloves tend to wear out quickly; I get through a couple of pairs per year.

The best ones I have tried are branded Stihl.  With bright orange highlights, they are easy to spot if I take them off and leave them lying around somewhere, and being made of a soft leather, they are tough and flexible.  I had occasion to buy another pair yesterday.  They are described as "Protective gloves for chain saw users".

They came with an 83-page booklet in 26 languages.  Including helpful information to the effect that if you get petrol, oil, grease or anything else that might burn on the gloves, take them off because there's a fire hazard.

It's a wonder that all clothing doesn't come with such a warning, really.


Tim Trent said...

Warning: When clothing has oil or grease spilled upon it, remove the clothing. It is a fire hazard.

Warning: Do not remove clothing in a public place, especially if male. You have a piece of bodily apparatus that is seen as more dangerous than a fire hazard. If female you are expressing availability to the half of the human race with that apparatus.

Elf Warning: Do not....

I was going somewhere with this, I'm sure I was going somewhere. Have I had my tea?

Mark In Mayenne said...

Good grief, Tim, wot are you on?

Tim Trent said...

I may be on my high horse!

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