Thursday, 8 March 2018

The greenhouse

One of the things that has been lacking in my garden is a greenhouse.  There is a conservatory attached to the house, but if I use it as a greenhouse, it gets a bit messy, and since it has a covered roof, the light isn't ideal.   Especially in Springtime, the window ledge is covered in seed trays and Dahlia cuttings.  Water gets everywhere.

Leclerc, a supermarket chain, were advertising a 3x2 metre greenhouse for 55 euro (A bit less than 50 quid), so I bought one.  At that price, it's hard to resist.

We put it up this morning.  It's made of a reinforced plastic stretched over a metal frame held together by plastic joints.  It is stabilised, and held in place during high winds, by guy ropes, one at each corner.  We placed it on an old tarpaulin to give it a base, and put some spare plastic tables inside, to make a workbench.  The little object on the bench on the right is a max and min thermometer, I will use it to see how well the greenhouse keeps the frost off during the next few weeks.

I might even try growing some aubergines or hot chillis, once the seed trays are dealt with.


Helen Devries said...

You're going to have fun.

CherryPie said...

It looks promising :-)

I am looking forward to the finished produce from the greenhouse :-)

James Higham said...

That cloth looks like what I’m using for sails.

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