Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Old and new tech

Having a large gîte means that we have a lot of space to clean, and that includes vacuuming.  The old vacuum cleaner is effective but unwieldy.  It was not expensive, it sucks like crazy and you can use it for water too (though remember to take the bag out first, else it gets soggy and splits).  But it's awkward.  The cable is long, but still manages to get pulled out of the wall socket after it has wrapped itself around the body of the cleaner a few times.   And although the cleaner has wheels, it gets stuck behind bits of furniture when you try to pull it along.  And it knocks the chairs off the tables when I clean the dining room floor.

The adverts for the Dyson battery-powered cyclonic vacuum cleaner have impinged on my awareness recently.  With the new brushless motors and lithium ion batteries and compact form, they overcome most of the problems associated with the old machine.  We thought in principle we would get one.

We happened into our local supermarket and they had various of these types of cleaners on sale, inlcuding this Rowenta brand one on special offer.  Always fatal.  We got it, and I have to say I'm impressed.  Not just because it cleans well, which it does, but also because the design has been well thought out.

The suction unit itself can be used independently, and there's a little brush on the end of the suction tube to help.  You don't have to take this brush off to attach the extension, that also has a similar brush if you need it.  The detatchable motorised head brush works on both hard floors and carpets so you don't have to keep changing it over, and it has a little clip that allows you to get inside easily to clean it.  There is even a little groove in the roller so you can easily run scissors along it to cut the hair and threads that get twisted up in it.  You empty the dust collector by holding the thing over a bin, and pulling up on a lever.

There's a cylindrical sponge-like filter that you have to rince clean under a tap after a week's use, and then dry out for a day or so.  But two are provided so the cleaner doesn't have to be out of action.

It is labelled with a ten-year repairable guarantee - sounds good, I don't like planned obsolescence.  Battery life seems to be up to what we need (20 minutes is quoted).  And about 2/3 normal price - cheaper than Amazon.   I'm impressed.


helen devries said...

I could have done with that when we had the last house in the beams every few months meant getting up by ladder to ersatz scaffolding, hauling the machine up there only to find it had pulled the plug from the wall...cue for much bad language.

James Higham said...

Sounds as if you need a Henry.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Hi James, the old vacuum is very like a Henry

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