Monday, 25 June 2018

Cycle route at Baugé

We did some cycling on holiday, and there are many well-signposted routes that you can take.  I used the opportunity to see if I could get a useful record of the route on my mobile phone.

Here is the route that took me from Cuon to Baugé-en-Anjou and back, a pleasant ride, about 33 Km, most of it along dedicated tracks or quiet country roads.  There's a lot of vegetable farming in the Loire valley; I passed fields of onions, asparagus and other vegetables that I tend to take for granted, but that must be grown somewhere.   The straight edge to the route on the left is on the path of an old railway, secluded and quiet.

As it happened I took a slightly wrong turning.  The sharp left turn at the NE edge of the route (I went anti-clockwise) was at a multi-way cycle path junction and I should have made an even sharper turn, difficult to decide from the single signpost that just indicated "turn left".  But it was easy to correct; if you click on the "+" sign on the map to enlargen it, you can easily see the sharper left turn that I should have taken, and that eliminates two sides of a triangle.

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