Wednesday, 11 July 2018


We have hosted groups of Morgan car owners here, several times, while they attend the Le Mans Classic event.   They came again this year too.   The group has changed somewhat in that now they are a French association, called Vinmogs, to connect the group to their love of French wine as well as Morgan cars. 

This year was special, however, as they generously gave us a ticket each and a parking space, to go and see the event on the Saturday.    We got a grandstand view, right on the bend just before the Dunlop bridge, where we saw a few spins, and with a clear view of a big screen that showed us what was happening elsewhere on the track.  We also had access to the paddock where we could look up close at the cars that were due to compete.

It was fascinating to see the old cars racing.  There are races over a 24 hour period, but the individual cars don't race for that long - they are too old.  Some of them date from way before I was born.  The first ever Porsche to be registered was there, driven around the track by the grandson of the founder of the marque.   Past 24 hour race victors were there driving around the track, along with other notables from the world of motorsport.

There was even a "Little big Mans" for kids who drove around the track in miniature (low-powered) race cars.

A fine day out.  And to top it all, the club sent us a nice bunch of flowers to thank us for the special efforts we had made to meet their needs as a group.

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