Thursday 11 August 2022

Amazon marketplace - a bad experience (Update)

UPDATE 3  Money recieved into bank account.   This is the best I can reasonably expect.   TTC   (all taxes included) price quoted, TTC price paid.   Case closed.

UPDATE 2 V-KING got in touch and proposed a refund of the extra tax if I sent them a reciept.  I got one from the postman after a couple of days, and sent it to them along with a copy of the packet's label to prove it came from England.  This is done, and they have promised a refund.  This is probably as good a result as could be hoped.   But in future I might think about ordering off Amazon UK and getting the book sent to my sister.  £6.17 vs €15 is not an insignifcant price difference.

UPDATE: I got an unexpected phone call from Amazon customer service this lunchtime.  I explained what had happened and I was promised an email from the vendor, to arrive by Wednesday next week.  If I'm not satisfied I'm invited to claim a full refund under the Amazon A-Z guarantee.   This sounds like a company trying to do the best it can in response to a customer complaint.   I will keep you posted.

I have just had to pay 11 euro customs duty/tax on a book that cost slightly less that €15, that I bought on Amazon Marketplace.   I'm a bit sore about that.

The thing is, I have been surprised before by duty payable on things I have bought on Amazon, so this time I checked things out, and I thought I had made the right decision.  There was, at the time I ordered, and still is, I believe, no way that I could tell from where exactly the item was shipping from, so I checked the details of the supplier, and V-KING, who were noted as the supplier and shipper, had an address in France.  I made the mistake of imagining that this would mean that the item would ship from France.  Wrong.   And that the TTC (toutes taxes comprises) price quoted included everything I would have to pay.

I got Amazon to phone me.  That aspect of their customer service is good, and I got a call within a few seconds of having requested one.   After a careful explanation, I was promised an email, that, when I got it, explained, in essence, that their website is continually evolving in order to try new things to improve the customer experience, and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Out of curiosity I went on, to see if it has the same problem.   No.   This item is available from different suppliers, and it is clearly stated, for each supplier, where the item will ship from.   I was interested to note that the book as sold by V-KING is claimed to ship from France.   Not when I ordered it, it didn't.

Also, the book on .uk was priced from £6.17   So I'm even more sore.


James Higham said...

Their online chat is pretty good, I prefer it to phone.

James Higham said...

Hang in there.

Mark Wadsworth said...

yes, keep going and tell us what happened. best of luck.

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