Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Mayenne at Montflours

The wife is away at the moment, so I can go anywhere the wind takes me, and today it took me to a section of the Mayenne river, just north of Montflours.

The bridge over the Mayenne at Montflours

Maintenance work is being done on the river at the moment; it happens every three years. One year they work on the Mayenne, then the Sarthe, then they skip a year. They maintain the banks, the locks and the mini-hydro-electric generators. They drain the rivers by opening the sluice gates, and you can see in these pictures how this affects the water levels. There is normally a good couple of metres of water here.

And the autumn colours are starting to show in the trees now....


ReedBunting said...

It seems quite drastic to drain the rivers like that. You're so lucky to have such lovely walks nearby though, I wish I was there!

Lia said...

I guess there are worse things a man can get up to while a wife is away,lol.

How nice to see that rivers are being managed and looked after, there's a lesson there for all countries to learn from.

My understanding of this river is that it is a generally very healthy river, perhaps it's cos they do look after it.

Thanks for your kind comments on my web site.

Much love (& stay out of trouble ha ha)

@eloh said...

Great pictures! These are the kind of things I read blogs for...take me there...

I can't travel the world anymore but with pictures and your words, it was almost like being there.

Jonathan said...

Agreed. Either you have an amazing eye for a picture or you live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Or perhaps both are true.

btw: any update on the dam-removal scheme to increase the flow-rate?

Cogitator said...

Thank you all for your most kind comments, they encourage me to continue.

No further news on the dam-removal scheme, Jonathan, but I'll keep you posted if I hear anything.

Eloh, did you get my further pictures of the caves?

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