Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Erve at St Suzanne

St Suzanne is a spectacular medieval castle overlooking the River Erve, which downstream flows nearby Les Hallais. The wind chose to take me there today, but I decided to explore the river valley and the bluff opposite, rather than the town itself. A quiet walk threading past the mills (one of them was a paper-making mill), and climbing up to the hill for the view over to the castle. Here are some pictures.

It's always a picture-postcard view of St Suzanne, here from the hill opposite that is known as the Tertre Ganne. William the Conqueror tried to take the town from this position, but failed.

These streams were laid out to form part of the mill irrigations, but now just serve as decorative backdrops to veg patches, cottages, and garden flowers.

And finally, a look at Autumn at the Tetre Ganne


Lia said...

Thank you for taking me along on your lovely walk today.
I really needed that after yesterday lol.

You really do live in a wonderful part of France.
Your castle reminds me of the one in Carcassonne (bet I didn't spell that right lol)

Much love

@eloh said...

What a beautiful walk you had. Thanks for the pictures so we could come along.

ReedBunting said...

Yes, thanks for taking us on the walk! I can imagine the birds and squirrels in that wood :) The castle is just like the ones in fairy tales.

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