Monday, 21 December 2009

Thermal undies

There was a concert this Sunday in the basilica at Evron; a performance of Bach's B Minor Mass. I like this music so I went. The problem with the basilica is that it's big, stone, and usually unheated, and the pews are uncomfortable. I was warned to dress warmly, and bring a cushion. So I did. Good thing, too, considering the snow we've had the last few days.

Great concert, quirky in parts, but enjoyable. The cold was definitely starting to seep through towards the end: I even had to put on my wooly pom-pom hat.

Incidentally, the French would say that the piece was "interpreted" rather than performed. I like this; it implies some added value on the parts of the players.


Mark said...

I like choral music - stirring, even to an atheist like me.

Jonathan said...

Fine pictures, as always - what a an awesome sight. And the clip gives a good impression of the sound which must have been spine-tingling. But men wearing hats in church? Sacre bleu!

Lia said...

Somehow I can't visualize you in a woolly pom-pom hat. Lol, good job you took the cushion, I swear every church, temple, chapel and house of worship I have ever been in had the single most uncomfortable of seating.
It must be written in law some where that worshipers MUST not be comfy.

I listened to the video,how enchanting it all sounded, I bet it was a lovely time and in such a beautiful setting.

Have you warmed up yet?
much love

ReedBunting said...

What a magnificent building! I wonder if you wore your woolly hat on your head or somewhere else :)

Cogitator said...

Well, I'm not sure if I disappoint both Jonathan ad RB, but the wooly hat was definitely on my head :)

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