Thursday, 17 December 2009


We had an inch of snow today, the first of the year, so despite the arrival of a snuffly cold I took a short walk to enjoy the cold, the white and the solitude.

I apologise to my blogging pals. I have done a new windows install today and it has lost me all my blog links. I will be back, but please be patient.


Tim Trent said...

Pssst. That is 254mm of snow

Cogitator said...

You know how to irritate a grumpy old man, Tim. It's 25.4 millimetres, not 254, and I'll use inches if I like. So there!

Tim Trent said...

"Damn you, Typo Gods!"

I must learn to poofread better.

Mark said...

Intersting crags - do people climb on them?

Jonathan said...

And it's snowing here in East Anglia too. One member of the household is particularly pleased at the prospect of school closures tomorrow. Looks like you got back to France in the nick of time.

ReedBunting said...

Hehehehe :) Lovely contrast with that picture on the left taken in high summer!

Lia said...

We've got snow coming down here in London, must be the same snow as you've had and my brother in Belgium says they have a lot of it.
Yay for a white Christmas.
Enjoy it.
Much love

Cogitator said...

Look slike we are all getting a bit of snow at the moment.

Yes, Mark, people climb on the rocks. There is free access; you just turn up with your climbing gear and off you go. There are lots of people who come in Summer; it is a well-known spot.

Lia said...

In answer to your question on my blog.
Yes I got the spare room and turned it into my very own craft room, all I have to do now is craft in it lol.
But right now, I'm just enjoying the space.
I think the boys would have you believe that I stole the room, but I heard that ownership is 9 tenths of the law and it's mine I tell you all mine mwhahahaha
much love,

mondraussie said...

We've had snow too, but somehow trudging to work in it doesn't make for such great photo opportunities as voluntarily going for a walk in it!

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