Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Here at home

Well, back in the throbbing metropolis of St Pierre sur Erve (pop. about 150 depending on who's on holiday), everything seems to be running as normal.

The Euphorbias I bought last year seem to have survived the Winter, and are presenting a lovely splash of colour, deep red, unusual at this time of year.

The snowdrops are out. Lots of them about at the moment, but they're still pretty.

There is a shelter being built for the Aurochs, just down the road. Opportunity for a conflab.

But the big gossip is that someone has knicked the gate to the Aurochs' Summer field. (French for to nick: piquer) Here it is... gone!


Molly Potter said...

Now why would someone steal a gate?

It's all go where you live Codgi!

What are your local headlines?

Gate: Stolen
Man, 98, dies
Snowdrops taking over
Codgi sneezed

How wonderful to live in such a sedate place.

Lia said...

You need to be careful living there with all those 150 people and gate stealing lunatics.

I seems odd to steal a a gate, but hey who am I to judge someone round here likes to steal wheelie bins.

It's an odd world, I guess people do it so the rest of us have some thing to shake our heads about.

Much love

Mimi Lenox said...

Love the snowdrops!

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