Sunday, 7 February 2010

Maîtres de Pain

There is what is probably best described as a tea room that opened last year in St Suzanne. It's run by English people and they offer a fine place to come and eat or drink, enjoy the life of the town square, and the sunshine - at least in Summer. It's called "Maîtres de Pain", Bread Masters if you like. I had always thought it a bit of a strange name for a tea room.

It turns out that Maîtres de Pain is the name of a TV series that ran in the early 90s, that was filmed in and around St Suzanne. It was very popular at the time, and featured some well-known French TV stars.

On Saturday, the entire TV series was shown in the town's socio-cultural hall (community centre?), free for anyone who wanted to turn up. The hall itself is basically a big hangar, its concrete floor marked out for various sports, and it is also used for concerts, ceremonies, plays, archery, etc; anything you might need a big hall for.

It seemed that the whole town was there. The showing started at 4PM and ran on with just a break for dinner (barbecued sausages, wine, and crusty French stick sandwiches were available for purchase) and carried on until 10:30.

The TV series was excellent. Set in the 1930s and early 40s, it included all sorts of local landmarks, and it was pleasing to see one of the Harmonie's ancient horn players and his house featured too. Being French, it didn't feature a plot as I understand a plot to be. Some people were introduced, some things happened, and then it stopped. Good, though.


@eloh said...

You live in a very nice place. There is always something good going on that includes the whole community. I must be wonderful.

(I liked the way you discribed a French film)so true.

the fly in the web said...

Isn't it great that the English people running the place did their research and came up with the ideal name for their business.

Lia said...

Are you sure you weren't watching Eastenders only in French and actually making some sort of sense.
It certainly sounds better than the rubbish they force upon us here at times.
much love

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