Friday, 12 February 2010

The cat sat on the mat

They look innocent, don't they? So why is it that they choose to go wrong at critical times? A couple of days ago, Minuit (the one on the left) came in with a hurt shoulder, first thing in the morning. You couldn't touch any part of his leg or side without him yowling or hissing. Not like him at all. Off to the vet.

"Yowl Yowl Yowl Hissssss" "I'm trying to find out where it hurts" says the vet "......hmmm everywhere... and he's in shock". Verdict: a big blow to the left side - a car? a cow? An X-ray shows no breakage. "Make sure he can still pee and crap OK", says the vet, so he's given some anti-inflammatories and sent to stay at the cattery, where he can be kept under scrutiny. He goes out all the time so observing bowel movements any other way is just impossible.

So on Wednesday morning he goes to the cattery. Wednesday... nothing. Thursday.... nothing. What is it with cats? Thursday evening phone call to the vet. "You had an appointment for Friday afternoon, but bring him in in the morning, just in case." Friday morning... result at last. Huge result in fact. The wretch.

At the vets? Pronounced fine, but a septic bite wound found on the left front leg. A fox then. A narrow squeak, one life used up, 6 to go I think.


Lia said...

Ah! poor little cat, I do hope he is on the mend and gets better soon.
Much love

Molly Potter said...

Where did they come from? I have not seen a cat on your blog before. You've spoken of wild boar and funny cow things -but never cats.

Jonathan said...

A year or two back I spent £80 on an x-ray for a guinea pig. I stopped short of a risky operation to remove a cancerous growth that would have cost at least £250 with something like a 10% chance of success.

Objectively I think pets are a complete waste of money. But then I get attached to them. And of course the children get to have their say. (I certainly wouldn't have x-rayed the guinea pig otherwise.)

We now have a rabbit that makes the guinea pig seem cheap. I let my partner handle the vet fees and make sure I never find out the cost. Ignorance really is bliss.

Still, I'm glad Minuit is on the mend.

ReedBunting said...

Glad Minuit is on the mend (what happened to his other 2 lives?).

Yeah, pets are a complete waste of money. So are fashionable clothes (bin bags and old carpet would work just as well), a nice car (a Fiat Panda would get you from A to B), that holiday in the sun (Blackpool anyone?)... but they make you feel good. And so does a little furry animal that likes the odd cuddle, never answers back and always listens without interrupting when you want to complain about something.

Rosie said...

constant worry, arent they ...pets.
but we wouldnt be without 'em

Molly Potter said...

Where are you Codgi?

Cogitator said...

The other two lives? He stuck his paw down a snake hole and got bitten by an adder, the vet gave him some jabs and said "he'll either survive till tomorrow or he won't" and the other was an encounter with something sharp that shredded a bit of his tail, made it droop, had to be stapled together. It's OK now though :)

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