Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Ski holiday -4 Back home

The last skiing day it clouded over, and started to snow. A pretty send-off, then, and some nice new snow for the people coming on holiday next week, after us.

The snow was falling at the hotel when we set off, and the cloud completely blocked out the view of the valley when we got to the ski slopes.

The following morning, the train picked us up only 5 minutes late, but that's a bit worrying since the first connection was ten minutes. When we arrive home after an uneventful journey, we find that the concrete floor has at last been poured, as belatedly planned. Yay!

On the way back, during the change of trains at Lyon, I wandered into the Virgin shop. They were selling new CDs for 10 euros each which I thought was pretty good, but then I saw they were two for 15 euros. (Say, 13 quid) I bought Lilly Allen and Shakira. Can't be bad.


Lia said...

Well at least you made it back without too many delays, funny how you never get delayed coming back but always do going, such is life.

Floor is looking good and you must be pleased that hurdle is over.
I was wondering if you were going to put the panelling back that you had in there or if you were going for a complete new look.
There is a reason I am thinking this and will await your reply!!!!

You buying Lilly Allen, now why for some reason does that surprise me!!!!!
I'm not surprised at Shakira, but Allen!!!! I expect it's just me.

Much love

Cogitator said...

Hi Lia, the Lilly Allen CD story is a bit strange. Her F**k You song is being played a lot on the radio over here (with all the words, no beepings out) and that kind of intrigued me, though I don't like the song much ("Please don't stay in touch" is the best she can come up with after dissing someone with "f**k you"? Give me a break.)

I had also heard her "The Fear" though I didn't know it was by the same artist, and I rather like that one.

Finally the friend I went skiing with had the album on his Blackberry and he played me a bit of "Not Fair", that makes me smile. So when I saw the album cheap I bought it.

Molly Potter said...

I think Lily Allen is a sparky lady. I would hazard a guess that you like sparky ladies yes Codgi?(in electronic format only!)

Mimi Lenox said...

Well, it CAN be bad but I won't go there!

Oh my. My word verification is "eysing"...Ha!

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