Monday, 31 May 2010

Le weekend

As everyone knows, the weekend starts on Friday night, and there was a free concert by Volubilis, a classical choir, in the church just ten minutes down the road at La Chapelle Rainsouin. They're a good group, run by Anique, who also teaches at the Evron school of music. Great concert too.

On Saturday, a group of miniaturists came to visit. Their reason for being in the area was to see the wife's miniatures museum, but it was also just intended to be a fun day out for them, and they brought a pic-nic.

They had a good look around the museum in the morning, but at lunchtime it was raining so they camped in the gîte dining room, and had the pic-nic there. They invited us to join them, so we had a good social time, chatting especially with the English teacher who was sat near us, and who had just come back from a trip to Bath. She had bought Paddington Bear badges for everyone in her group, and I'm a fan, so we had a good natter.

Incidentally, they were at some pains to not call themselves a club. Apparently, if you call yourself a club, there's a two-inch thick book of rules that tells you how you have to organise yourself. So they're just a group of friends, interested in miniatures, who get together on a regular basis. Club? Ohhh nooooo, not a club.

On Sunday the Euromayenne plant swap and barbecue. You bring your spare plants along, and take away whatever takes your fancy. There is no concept of a one-for-one or anything, and it's all very informal. Here's a picture of the plants I took, the event, and the plants I came home with.

On the same day, the village of St Pierre sur Erve held its "Belles chaises" day. We couldn't really attend, being at the plant swap but to show willing we took along a couple of things to display. A vase full of iris from the garden (with some gîte brochures) and a miniature scene of someone sat down, at a cream tea, with a vase of iris beside them.

And finally we noticed that the mayor has at last got the new roadsigns in place, indicating prominently how to get to our gîte. He's probably fed up with people wandering around the village asking him where we are.


Pearl said...

What a beautiful place!

Jonathan said...

Great post! What piece was that tanatalising thrteen seconds of music from?

You do live in wonderful spot. I hope your new acquisitions realise how lucky they are (but, if you talk to your plants, best not mention the tomatoes...)

Cogitator said...

With apologies, J, I have no idea what the piece was.

I have been know to talk to plants, very occasionally, and purely in the spirit of scientific enquiry, you understand. Perhaps I have the opportunity to see how they respond to threats :)

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