Friday, 19 February 2016

New PC

I got a new PC the other day, somewhat better spec than the old one that was being replaced, having been damaged by a lightning strike.   After two days of work transferring data files and programmes across, looking up passwords, login IDs and software activation codes, it just sits there doing the same things the old one did, just a bit quicker.  Kind of disappointing, really.

The old one was a Dell, fairly expensive (€1200 or so) in 2011, one of their top end models.  The new one is an Acer, under €900, with a better spec, and faster.   I have the impression that the build quality of the Dell is better, and the Acer has a non-exchangeable, built-in battery, which planned obsolescence I dislike. Still, it will do the job I need, and hopefully it'll still be good in 5 or 6 years' time, else it will be back to Dell.

I have completely gone off the non-portable PCs.  Perhaps I could look at those again, but I like the fact that portables don't shut down instantly in a power cut.  We get quite a few power cuts here.

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