Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Local restaurant

The Restaurant Le Canyon is just down the road from us, and as part of a big renovation / museum construction project, it has been moved into the old mill.  It opened in these new premises yesterday and we, along with a bunch of other people, went down to check it out.

The restaurant is on two floors, the upstairs being one large room, the downstairs includes the toilets and the kitchen as well as a smaller eating area.  The decor is well done, and I liked the hat tip towards the cave paintings, in the form of cut metal representations of the horses there.  The atmosphere in the downstairs part is reminiscent of an English tea room, which is perhaps appropriate for a facility that is intended as an adjunct to a museum.

The chef, Jean-Claude is very pleased with the new kitchen; he says it's ideal for a single person cooking, and he advised personally on its layout and equipment.

The tenant Luigi and everyone else is delighted to see the restaurant featured, on the front page, no less, of a review in Paris Match, of the gastronomy of Le Pays de La Loire.

And of course, when you're not enjoying the gastronomy of the Restaurant Le Canyon, you can enjoy the scenery.  It's a bit dull at the moment, but then we are in February.  The river is running fast, but in no danger of flooding, and the catkins are out already on the Hazelnuts.  The french for catkin is chaton, the same word as for kitten, and I wonder if catkin is an ancient English word for kitten.

On our way down to the restaurant we met our neighbour Jean-Claude and his wife Francoise, and we lunched together.  We all had steak and chips.  Bon appetit!

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Helen Devries said...

What happened to...was it Marie?

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