Sunday, 7 February 2016

A short walk

I was feeling a bit in need of some excercise, so I took a short walk outside between showers, to the village.

There's an air of Spring, with Primroses and Camelia both in flower.

The river is flowing fast, with the sluice gates open at all the little dams, it's intended to clear silt from the river, apparently, and help with fish migration.   The trees are budding out already, which gives them a purple haze, and the catkins are on display too.

I quite liked this woodstack - very neat, all the logs the same length too.  I wonder what they did with the short leftover bits?  The tin roof is tied down, so shouldn't blow away.  Some neat raised beds too, look carefully made and tended.  The maker has raised them a bit higher than I make mine, and I like the way he has joined the semi-round planks that make the sides.

Some animals on the way.  This is the ex-mayor's donkey, in a field with some little black sheep to keep him company.  He will come over to you if he sees you  picking the juicy grass just out of his reach on the other side of the fence.   And this bull struck me as not the kind to be taking any crap.

This sturdy bridge replaces an old rickety one that I crossed once.  It had rotten wood, gaps in the planks and a handrail that would give if you leant on it, so the new one is a great improvement.  The view back towards the village from the far side of the bridge is sort of rustic and peaceful.


CherryPie said...

It looks like you had an enjoyable walk. I missed my opportunity today, I thought I would go after lunch but by then the sun had gone in and it had started raining.

James Higham said...

Cold over here. Winter.

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