Sunday, 3 November 2013

Kitchen revamp - 6

The plasterboard ceiling is the next thing to go up.   Firstly, a series of parallel rails is installed, that the plasterboard will be screwed to.   The guy had a nifty little device, the orange framework thing on the right-hand side of the picture, to hold the plasterboard horizontally in place while he put the screws in.   I thought it would be an expensive bit of kit, but you can get them for less than 200 euros.  If I had known about them, I'd have had a go at putting it up myself.

With the ceiling up, I can mark up and drill the holes.   It took quite a while to get these right, and you can see one of my crossed-out mistakes in the picture.   But in the end I think they're OK.

Since it was the weekend, and the tile cement would be dry by the time the guy came on Monday to finish the ceiling, I thought I'd put down the first row of floor tiles.  Woooah!  Not level.  That's going to have to be fixed.

They fixed it with a layer of self-levelling mortar, something I didn't know about until now.  It's quite liquid and flows to a near-level surface without much intervention needed.  Takes a couple of days to set, though, so it was the last thing to be done after the ceiling was finished.

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James Higham said...

Hell of a lot of work in there, all the same, frame or no frame.

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