Thursday, 28 November 2013

Laguardia, Day 2

It has to be said that late November is probably not the best time to be playing the tourist in Northern Spain. Although Laguardia rewards exploration, the rain and wind were a bit discouraging.  Nonetheless we got to see the charming dancing clock, and visit the tiny winemaking facilities of Carlos San Pedro Perez de Viñaspre in the town.

Laguardia is riddled with caves or cellars, that were originally used for defense and that are now mostly used for wine production.  Going into the warren of cellars was a bit like something out of Skyrim.  The Carlos San Pedro Perez de Viñaspre wines use the tunnels under the house for maturation, storage and some fermentation.  The small operation uses the oak barrels for longer than the big guys, testing the results from each barrel before blending them together for the final fermentation.

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Helen Devries said...

That clock looks fun!

So these are the Spanish equivalents of the troglodytes used by French winemakers in the Loire.

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