Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Hosts in Tyngsborough

We stayed with friends Dick and Judy; here they are outside their house.  Dick is into cars, he does "hot-rodding" and Judy is into miniatures.  Anita and Judy went off to a minis show while Dick and I lazed around and did occasional car things, watched television, read.

This is Dick's souped-up 1936 Ford Phaeton.  We took it out for a drive, but only when Dick was certain that the roads were dry so it wouldn't get wet or dirty.  It goes well :)  Later, we worked together to replace the foot-operated headlamp dip switch that had broken, and I learnt something: bolts that have a little bit of thread removed from the end are easier to get into fiddly places than bolts that have the thread all the way to the end, because the unthreaded bit helps to hold the bolt in place while you turn it to engage the thread.  I never knew that.

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