Saturday, 22 November 2014

Housing market newsflash!

We interrupt this review of Boston tourism to bring you developing news on the hedgehog accommodation front.  (Cue: dramatic music....)

My annual attempts at growing fig trees from cuttings has resulted, at last, in two small trees that survived last winter in my conservatory.  One is now with Leo, the other I have planted out.  It's against a wall since this is the warmest place I can find for it, and I put wood shreddings all around it to help keep the roots from freezing too much.  And as a final touch I surrounded it with a makeshift cold frame, just to help.

This combination, is, apparently, ideal for hedgehog hibernation, and one has taken advantage of the access through the gaps in the cold frame and built a nest in the wood chippings between the tree and the wall.

I'm not sure what hedgehogs use for currency, but clearly I'm going to have to extract my Land Value Tax in the form of slug and snail control services.


CherryPie said...

How cute :-)

Zimbabwe said...

You are so lucky, wish we had a local hedgehog. Diane

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