Monday, 2 November 2015

Hacking about

After our stay in Dolancourt we set off to explore the area a little.  We went first to the lakes "Les Grands Lacs de la Forêt d'Orient".  Huge great artificial lakes, used for watersports and to manage the water levels in the Seine that flows nearby.  After a hot, dry summer, they were nearly empty, so not much in the way of waterbourne entertainment.

We trolled on to Bayel where there is a museum of crystal glass blowing.  I discovered on the way out that I shouldn't have taken any photographs, so I'd better not share them with you here.  The crystal blowers were imported from Mourano, Italy, because it was less expensive than buying the crystal from the makers there.  And the Louvre used a lot of crystal.

We followed more of the Route de Champagne down to lunch at Essoyes, where we ignored the Renoir museum and went for the Champagne outlet.   We didn't like the Champagne there - too acid for our taste, although the lady in the shop tolds us that the problem was our lack of experience.

Then, on to the Champagne that we knew we liked, at René Jolly.  They grow their own grapes in a 14 hectare vineyard around Landreville.  After a brief tasting to confirm our opinions we bought some.  Dear reader, don't take my advice on buying Champagne, but on the other hand, do feel free to try this one to see if you like it.  I think the effort will be rewarded.  Don't be put off by their website.

Then we rolled on to Troyes.  "Troyes" is pronounced like the French "trois", so it gives the Google voice recognition software some problems.   At least, it does with my accent......

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James Higham said...

Ah, never knew that pronunciation.

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