Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How does your garden grow?

The weather this year has been rainy and overcast.  According to the experts, we have had about half of the amount of sunshine we would normally expect by now.  The garden is responding accordingly.

This red rose is called Mr Lincoln, it's a bush rose with a strong perfume.  The white one next to it is also strongly scented, a more modern variety.   All of the roses are getting black spot at the moment, even those that resist it well.   The edges of the white petals are also showing some distress.  This is all probably a result of the rain.  Too much rain and you get black spot, too little and you get mildew.

The first Dahlias came from a humid climate.  They have liked the rain this year, and seem to be flowering well, and early.  These two lilac ones were newly-bought last year.  The yellow/orange ones are old favourites.   I have been growing Dahlias, as they represent a convenient way of improving the soil.  When I dig up the tubers after the frosts, it's an opportunity to dig fertiliser and compost into the soil, and likewise when I plant the tubers out in Spring.  As ths soil improves, I add perennial plants that stay in place, and so I suppose I can't complain that I'm running out of space for the Dahlias.

The Day Lillies are starting to make a good display, and the Canterbury Bells have clumped up nicely and are flowering well for the first time this year.

I'm surprised that the succulents that I have spread around the stony edges of the flower beds are doing so well.  I'd have thought that the lack of sunshine and excessive wet would have dampened their spirits.  But no, they are carpeting the space with colour, and even the House Leeks are opening out.  The Madia has grown tall this year, over a metre high, I had no idea it could be that big.  The petals curl up in the sunshine, so it's best appreciated early morning or in the evening.

I like the way that the dark red Dahlias and Hollhock contrast with the white. And the coral pink ones are always nice to see.  They grow all over the place like weeds but I like them so I leave them be.


helen devries said...

Super show you have now!

CherryPie said...

It is looking pretty and colourful :-)

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