Saturday, 25 February 2017

Limoges: The first museum

We visited the Musée du Four des Casseaux, that is close by the river in Limoges.  (You get reduced entry fees to other museums if you visit more than one, so keep your entry tickets.)   This is an old porcelaine firing furnace, and nowadays it houses a collection of porcelain-making machinery.  It also had an exhibition of modern porcelain artwork while we were there.

The furnace itself is of brick, and is ringed by strong iron bands that look like they are there to hold it together.  I have the impression that they might be the result of unfortunate experiences.

The rough and powerful appearance of machines seem strangely inappropriate to the delicacy of the porcelain pieces that they create.

1 comment:

CherryPie said...

The furnace looks quite fascinating, rather different to the ones I have seen.

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