Thursday, 23 February 2017


We spent a few days on a short city break in Limoges.  February is not the usual time for this kind of holiday, but we don't have any customers in the gite, and it's been a while since we took a break.  We figured to find out a bit about the porcelain manufacture there, as well as try out some new scenery.

It's a little more than a four-hour drive from our place, and we got there mid-afternoon on Sunday, with a couple of hours to kill before check-in time.  What to do?  Oh look, a wine fair, last day today, problem solved.  So we park up, join the queue, and, not having invitations, it looks like we'll have to pay €6 each to get in.  So we step aside for a short discussion as to whether or not this might be worth it, and the lady of the couple behind us asks us "Do you have an invitation"? "No"  "Have one of ours"  Result!  We both get in for free.

It wasn't a large fair, and there were many things other than wine there - cheese, smoked fish, macaroons, and so on.   But we tasted a fair amount of wine and came away with a small selection -   some Bourgogne fizzy, blanc de noirs very reminiscent of the Remy Jolly Champagne that we liked but with the benefit of being half the price, plus some Bordeaux made without sulphites (to be drunk in less than two years - shouldn't be a problem) and some Cahors in three varieties that we liked, because we also liked the guy selling it.

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CherryPie said...

It sounds like it was a worthwhile day out. Lovely of the lady to give her ticket to you.

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