Wednesday, 27 September 2017

New boots

I'm pleased with the Peugeot 308CC.   It holds the road well, has enough performance for the backroads of Mayenne, and can carry four people plus a full week's shopping.  Downsides?  It tends to aquaplane if there's surface water, and it munches through the tyres.

I've tried a number of different service stations in the area and I've hit on a favourite for the routine replacements of things like windscreen wipers and tyres:  Norauto in Laval.

When the windscreen wipers needed replacing, Anita bought some Bosch ones in a supermarket.  The mountings appeared to be a bit loose; at any rate they clacked against the windscreen with every wipe.  So we went to Norauto and said "Our windscreen wipers are noisy, do you have quiet ones?".  "Ah", they said, "you've got Bosch, here try these", and what's more they fitted them for free.

Just recently I needed new front tyres, and I went to the same place.  Best price ever, and a good brand (Pirelli).  Tracking sorted too.


CherryPie said...

I am currently getting to grips with my new car.

I am happy with the dealership I got it from, they have been servicing my old car for several years.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Hi Cherie, it's always good to find a provider of goods and services that one is happy with.

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