Friday, 22 September 2017

Splitting logs

I have chopped down a few trees for firewood, and turning chopped-down trees into logs suitable for the fire usually involves splitting at least some of them.  This is hard work.  I tend to use an axe, but the last time I did that I strained some tendons in my arm that took two years to heal.  You can get electric log splitters but they're not very powerful, and are usually limited to logs smaller than those that I create.

On my walk in the village yesterday I chanced up on a group of village elders creating firewood out of fallen trees.  They weren't messing about.  A big log splitter attached to a tractor was making light work of things.  I want one of those.


Anonymous said...

What you want is one of these bad boys!

James Higham said...

Does not pay to be a tree in those parts.

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