Thursday 27 May 2021


The restrictions of the lockdowns, the inability to make music with other people, and the lousy weather recently all conspire to dampen spirits.  But the flowers are coming out, I made some music yesterday, and went to a meeting, just like normal.  Perhaps things are looking up.

Meanwhile here's a picture of this year's Tree Lupins, probably three plants, that have chosen not to grow in the perfectly good flower bed just behind them, but in the gravel of the courtyard.   This is their second year; next year they will be bigger and give more flowers, but they will die right after.  Their flowers are not as impressive as the colourful Russell Lupins, but they have a nice scent.   Plus here's the first Masquerade rose bud.


CherryPie said...

Nature is trying to cheer us up despite the gloomy weather and lockdowns.

James Higham said...

All hail those lupins!

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