Thursday 6 October 2022


Following swiftly on from my last post, here's a wicked walnut and fig tart.   With lashings of Calvados.  The recipe called for a glass of it, but didn't say how big a glass.


Bill Sticker said...

"Didn't say how big a glass"

This is why I love cooking with alcohol.

Woodsy42 said...

When we had our french holiday place our neighbour, who we often spent time with, brought out a bottle of calvados from his 'stash'. I have never experienced anything like it. He explained it dated back to his younger years when it was made on the local farm he worked at after the cider making. It was stored in champagne bottles and the distilling owed nothing to inspectors, regulations, alcohol content rules or anything else. I only vaguely remember getting home without falling in the roadside ditches.

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