Friday 29 September 2023

My WISE bank account

Well, this is interesting

My WISE bank account providers have asked me to prove my identity within a month. Fair enough; after all, we do have to confine money laundering to the élite, don't we? After uploading my ID three times using my phone, and crashing out at the photo stage (I must have tried 10 times to upload an acceptable photo), I tried using the PC webcam instead. The site told me at the time that this had worked, but today it tells me that, in fact, it didn't really. Perhaps it was just having a little joke. It told me that I have to try again and succeed within two days or they'll send me my money back.

Well, there ain't no-one going to give me a one month deadline and then change it to 2 days when I try to comply. I'm not doing anything more until I hear from them about how they're going to solve this problem; we'll see what happens. As an alternative, I could easily scan the necessary documents and mail them, and they can get a human to verify that I really do look like an older version of my ID photo.

This is a service industry?

I have communicated my thoughts to Wise via their website. I will keep you updated.

Update:  29/09  19h24   Email from Wise:  "The photos are too blurry."   Response: Yes I know but I have tried enough times, so tell me where to send scanned documents and a selfie (by email)

Also email from Wise "We have detected unusual activity on your account and logged you out of all devices"  Response:   Probably fair enough, I don't usually make 3 separate attempts to upload a carte d'identité and crash out on attempting to upload a selfie.  No email sent in response.

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James Higham said...

These people seem to be deliberately doing these things.

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