Sunday, 14 June 2009

Garden update

The first of the Dahlias are out, and my fig tree cuttings are still alive.....

This is Arabian Night. I bought a tuber a couple of years ago and took cuttings. So now I have a nice big patch of it. It will flower from now until the first frosts, as long as I remember to dead-head it.

This one came from a packet of seeds entitled "Bishop's Children". They made a variety of clolours and shapes, and this is one of several I kept and made some cuttings from this year. I think there is a variety called "The Bishop" and these therefore must be seeds from it.

I was rather dismayed by the price of fig trees in the local garden centre, so I persuaded a friend who plays in the Harmonie to let me take cuttings from hers. This is one of three baby trees still not dead yet!

This is not a small hedge-trimming job here.......


Lia said...

Having seen the hedge, I realise why you need to escape to the golf greens. ha ha.

Your dahlias are really beautiful. I have never grown them myself. Tbh I have never thought about growing them.

They are a lovely *old fashioned* flower and I had forgotten how pretty they are.

After seeing yours I think I might put them on the list for next year.

Cogitator said...

Delighted to hear that I have inspired you!

You can buy seeds or tubers, depending on your style of gardening, and I personally like the way they can be preserved from year to year.

I also find it useful, that in order to preserve them from the frosts, you have to dig them up, because it gives me the chance to freshen up the soil with fertiliser, etc for the next season.

I bought my seeds from nicky's nursery who you can find on google.

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