Monday, 8 June 2009

Open evening at the Swin Golf

Our local swin golf club had an open evening last night, to show off their new, improved course. They have spent a lot of time (and some money) on making the course more interesting, with improvements to the play and hazards around most of the holes.

It was just a quiet event, 15 of us present, but we were entertained with a glass of wine and a buffet supper, accompanied by a video of the national championship competition that was held there not long ago. We also got to play a couple of holes of swin golf. The wife got down the course in little bunny hops, while I set off long powerful strokes that went the wrong way.

And as we sat indoors with the other guests, eating our French sticks, salad and cold meats, the clouds cleared away and the sun came out. And a light mist rose up and eveloped the course. A nice evening.


ReedBunting said...

What exactly is "swin" golf? I've never heard of it. It sounds fun though!!

Lia said...

I see you have been enjoying yourself in the sun *again* and there's you telling us all about the hard work you put in lol.

Mind you, that was a very big *mountain* of manure you had to shift, glad it wasn't my job.

So I guess you did earn a bit of fun in the sun.

I think I may be the same green as the greens you rlaxed on, jealousy not a shade of green that suits me ha ha ha!!!!

Cogitator said...

Hiya ReedBunting, if you click on the link at the top of the blog, under ("Swin Golf Club") it will take you to a page that explains all (or it should!)

If it doesn't, please complain!

Cogitator said...

Guilty as charged, Lia! It's hard work in the garden, but I do get plenty of time off too. And besides, I like to garden and so it's like a holiday anyway.

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