Friday, 26 June 2009

Spontaneous poppies

When I moved here, I discovered some annual Oriental Poppies in the garden. These self-seed like crazy, so every year they have re-appeared in patches somewhere around the place, and I tend to leave them be. That way, I get a bit of spontaneity in the garden. As with life, it's not a good idea to overplan a garden; you need to leave space for nice surprises.

When they started they were all one colour, and double. This year, they have multiple shades of purple, orange, red and pink, and some are single rather than double.

Blue/purple single

Mauve, red, orange, double

Pink, rosy


Lia said...

We have these in our garden, we've been here since 96 and every year without fail they pop up.

Makes for nice little surprises and the bees love them.

We don't have any doubles which is ashame. Yours are really lovely.

So that'll be me there for tea on Sunday and nicking your poppy seed heads.

By the way if you make your own bread, you can use the poppy seeds on the bread, so you get poppy seed bread.

much love Lia xx

Jonathan said...

I moved house just over a week ago and immediately went camping for a week in a meadow full of clover, buttercups and beautiful grasses. I have returned to a new garden full of unfamiliar plants (the previous owner was fond of exotics) and I'm looking forward to knowledgeable friends visiting to tell me what they all are.

Poppyland is the name given to the hinterland of the north Norfolk coast. And with good reason. Truly wonderful plants.

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