Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A tail tale

The lizards around my place tend to have short stumpy tails, or none at all, owing to the attentions of my cats. This one however has a good long one. It came to inspect my collection of flowerpot saucers yesterday.

Careful inspection reveals that this lizard is quite tubby around the middle, so I suspect it is a pregnant female. They are called "Green Lizards" in France ("Lézard Vert"), they lay eggs, eat slugs and snails, and live to about 8 years.


Lia said...

Oh wow!!

What a grand shade of green.
Must be nice to have slug munchers that are that pretty.

ReedBunting said...

Fantastic pic! The name "green lizard" doesn't really do it justice does it, with that wonderful speckled back. I would have called it a "green speckledy-back lizard", had I been the person to name it!

Mark said...

I like this - very very occasionally you can see green lizards in the UK, though not sure if they are the same as this one. There was one I saw on the coast path in Pembrokeshire about three years ago

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