Saturday, 23 January 2010

Who moved my cheese? - a rant

I don't get wound up by many things, but I do get wound up (only a tad) by misleading marketing. And I include packaging of goods in that. Now I appreciate that marketeers are not allowed to tell downright lies. Amongst other things, it's against the law. But that doesn't stop them giving misleading impressions whilst telling the truth. And when that happens I get annoyed.

So let me invite you to look at this Christmas present I received this year. A lovely pot of blue Stilton cheese retailed by Marks and Spencer. It comes in a nice pot that I take to be earthenware. Excellent cheese it is too, it was delicious. Nothing I am about not say detracts from the quality of the produce. But look at the pot, and look at how high up the cheese comes in it.

Depending on how you take the measurements, and what you consider to be usable space, something between 1/3 and 1/2 of the pot was full of air. Not cheese, air. (To be accurate, there was some wax as well)

And I don't care that it's clearly stated on the label that there's 200g of cheese in there. If I had bought the cheese, I'd think I had been swindled. If they have nothing to hide, they can put a line on the pot and a note saying "cheese comes up to here".

Normal service will be resumed shortly. Please do not adjust your browser. Thank you for listening. Spleen now fully vented.


Jonathan said...

Speaking as someone who, on occasion, can be easier to wind up than a clockwork mouse, you have my sympathy. But being objective here, your (admittedly entirely justified) complaint only affirms my belief that you live in paradise. (Either that or you need to find some more of that weed you were eating in the mistaken belief that it was 'good in a salad'.)

Or perhaps there's something else going on that you really should be ranting about but choose not to. After all, you enjoyed the cheese and are now blessed with a fine pot that is bigger than it might otherwise have been.

Cogitator said...

You're right of course Jonathan, my sense of perspective is just one of the things I leave behind when I'm on a rant .

Tim Trent said...

Tell M&S what you think. Tell them directly, politely and assertively. And post your complaint email and their response.

Molly Potter said...

Ah no Codgi, You have just been visited by the 'I'll take a little off the top and nobody will notice fairy'. I get visits regularly, paricularly to chocolate bars, pots of desert and the like.

It's actually an honour although I do wonder if perhaps, she might be getting, well, a bit fat. She leaves the lettuce alone.

What will you do with your new pot?

Cogitator said...

I am truly honoured, I didn't realise that I had been the distinguished recipient of such a favour!

I think she must be a very fat fairy by now.... you should see how much space she left in the "battenburgh bites" box!!!

My pot is not currently available for use, since it still has some cheese left in it. It is also missing its lid, since this fell to the floor and broke during the opening process (not me, honest!)

Actually, your creative suggestions for what to do with an small earthenware pot with "Marks & Sparks Blue Stilton" written indelibly on the side of it would be welcome!

ReedBunting said...

You could fill it with miniature daffodil bulbs for a nice display... put your kitchen utensils in it... or make your own cheese! Then you could make sure it was filled to the top!

Cogitator said...

Good ideas, RB, thanks!

Molly Potter said...

Fill it with more stilton of the top...and then look for evidence fo the fairy's work.

or give it pot like jobs - like holding a spare key, some nails, making magic porridge in it etc

or write a poem about it because 'pot' rhymes with a lot! ha ha

Or send it to the village of Potless so it will have to change its name.

Cogitator said...

Good plans Molly. I like the idea of filling it with more stilton, since I get to eat it.

I wonder if the process of thinking up a new name for the pot in its new home will be a Potless Pondering?

Molly Potter said...

Ba boom cha!

That is what I call a dad joke. Potless indeed.

Mimi Lenox said...

I totally agree. But your fleurs will look lovely in earthenware this spring.

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