Thursday, 11 March 2010

Blog awards

My little blog got an award yesterday. I like the fact that other people enjoy my ramblings, even though I try to keep the content limited to observations of day-to-day happenings. You won't find many deep and meaningful observations about life, much high political intrigue or philosophical insights. Just the stuff that goes on.

The awards are self-propagating, in that the award recipient is supposed to nominate a number of other winners, and so on, so that it rolls on as some kind of never-ending blogsphere meme, perhaps one day to revisit its original author in a grand homecoming reception.

Anyway, the Sunshine Blog award is mine (Thanks, Fly). Here its is:

And since we are supposed to pass on this award to twelve other bloggers (that seems a lot to me; the author was clearly motivated to ensure the long-term survival of his or her award) Here's a list of a few blogs I read frequently, that you might like. Molly Potter is either a nutcase or a highly creative person who thinks outside the box most of the time. She's probably been called both. Anyway her blog is entertaining and thought-provoking and worth a read. And Molly, I'm sorry I didn't respond properly to your award a while back. Please consider this to be my public apology. I very much enjoy Jonathan's unpretentious observations on sound, music, and what it's like to be a music teacher and practicing musician. Mimi can write poetic English, and her observations on her life can be funny, moving, profound, all at once. Much like Mimi, Lia presents her views of her life very different from mine, in her own personal style. Mark's thoughtful blog always offers something to think about. This police Inspector's blog gives you the low-down on the workings of government, as they filter through the home office, the police higher management, the local cops, and finally onto the street. Don't read it if you are prone to high blood pressure. Like the above Police Inspector, this one gives you the inside view on the French criminal justice system. Though perhaps calling it a criminal justice system is an insult to organised crime everywhere. One of the things I like about blogs is the insight they give into lives very different from one's own. Here's one such, from a lovely lady. Last but not least, Dr Grumpy is always good for a laugh, even on the grayest, most miserable of mornings. His insane interactions with the insane public are simple, direct and funny.

Finally, please don't feel slighted if I follow your blog but you're not listed here. I enjoy reading all the blogs I follow; I appreciate you all.


Molly Potter said...

Thank you very much Codge. An honour. I have indeed been called both (it's all in the angle of 'receiving')

I tagged you back in November and I am still awaiting your 256 facts about you.

I look forward to having a sniff round the others you have awarded.

Your blog is always gently and sweetly uplifting.

Jonathan said...

Congratulations, Mr C. And thank you very much for your vote of confidence. I am in exalted company!

Ribbon said...

Congratulations on your very attractive award.

Enjoy the fun of it.

best wishes

@eloh said...

Thank you so much... I need to make a place to put it.

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