Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Country walk and curry

For no special reason there was a country walk organised today by our ex-pat club, culminating in a curry lunch. I always enjoy a good walk, but the prospect probably wouldn't be enough to drag me out of bed for an 8:45 departure and hour-long drive to get there, except that there was a curry at the end of it. So off we went.

The walk was good, if a bit chilly, some pics below, and the curry was excellent. The guy I sat next to at lunch was born half a mile from where I used to live in Laleham, and played along the river banks as a boy, where I took pleasure in walking as an adult. So we discussed the Lucan Arms pub, Penton Hook lock, and the island that has now been turned into a nature reserve. All good fun.

I think these electricity-generating windmills kind of jump out at you on the landscape. And this fench farm cottage is variously striped, a bit like French hedges.


Tim Trent said...

"Curry" and "France" are usually mutually exclusive, surely? Who provided the curry?

Molly Potter said...

Apparently spring travels from south to north at a pace of 4 miles per you must be there because it's finally feeling pre-spring here.

How far did you walk and did you walk spring paced?

Cogitator said...

The curry was prepared by a lady who claims Pakistani family connections but who speaks English with a Welsh accent. Anyway the mix seemed to work well.

Yes, we have signs of Spring here Molly. There is sap rising in the walnut tree, and my parsnips are starting to grow again, for sure, so I'd better get at them :) I also cut my grass for the first tile a couple of days ago.

Lia said...

It's a small world.
I was once sat on a river bank in Brazil when I heard someone say my name,looked around and there was the girl who use to bully me at school.
We ended up sharing the trip and became friends, I still know her.

Looks like spring is on it's way for you.I like the new windmills, but I think they are like Marmite to most peoples.

Much lovee

Jonathan said...

The Lucan Arms? Any connection to the disappearing peer?

Cogitator said...

Lord Lucan? Sure, his old family home at Laleham Abbey was split up into flats and houses, and that's where I lived.

Ribbon said...

Thank you for the country walk :)

@eloh said...

I LOVE these pictures!

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