Sunday, 28 March 2010


When choosing tiles for the living room, the wife and I came across some round mosaic tiles. Hand-made from small shaped tiles, these can be used as a focal point for a room. They seem to be known as medallions. As it happens, the tiling project includes a round tower and so we thought it would be cool to have a round mosaic in the middle of it. But they turned out to be expensive, so we passed.

As the project continued, I was attracted more and more to the idea, so we decided to bite the bullet, and we went to the tile shop to buy one. Three problems: none of the examples they had in stock matched our tile colour, the colours in the catalogue were not true, and finally they are on 6 weeks delivery. I need to finish the project next week, so 6 weeks delivery time is a killer.

So we hit on the idea of making one. We went and bought some squares of mosaic tiles, split them up, and the wife spent some time experimenting with designs. Here's two; the second one might well be the one we choose to run with. It will be an interesting task to lay the thing, get it all at the right height on the tile cement, all the tiles evenly spaced. Watch this space :)


Molly Potter said...

Ooo I like those.

I prefer the first one by a long way...but we've establish we might have different ends to a this case, clearly pattern spectrum

ReedBunting said...

I think I'm with Molly on that one... good luck laying them, I can see that it's going to be very tricky getting them perfect! But it will look fab if you can do it right.

Robyn said...

I prefer the first & that decision is based on colour.

best of luck ;)

Lia said...

I can't comment at all on them as blogger is being a pain and not showing them.

Have fun doing it though.
much love

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