Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Painting project

The underfloor heating project is progressing nicely. The floor now warms up when it's supposed to, and to about the right temperature. Next, before laying the tiles, it's sensible to paint the walls. They're now in a light, neutral colour, and it's a lot brighter than what went before. And to keep the shiny new tone, some new electrical sockets and switches too.


Molly Potter said...

Just in time for summer!

Jonathan said...

Nice lightshade. Is there an Art Deco theme emerging here?

Cogitator said...

Molls, You're right of course. Better to do it in November. Trouble is, it's only at this time of year that I have enough time to be pretty sure the whole thing will be finished before I start getting guests in the gîte. Since we do the cooking, I'm just not up for a big project like this at any other time of year.

J, "art deco theme" would be going a bit far. Actually, "theme" would be pushing it a bit. The lampshades are nice though, no? Dirt cheap plastic imitation stained glass end-of-line at a DIY shop.

@eloh said...

This is just the most beautiful room.

I went back and looked at the "before" pictures...

For many years I lived in a huge house with huge windows, on a mountain, in the middle of no where. I really liked not having curtains (I would have needed a movie theater curtain for the great room)... will you have to hang curtains over these windows?

Lia said...

Loving those new lights, very art deco in style.
Considering you describe them as dirt cheap plastic imitation stained glass end-of-line, they do look really lovely.
Judging by your photo you are not putting the panelling back in. I have to say I think that is a wise choice.
But will the floating table be going back in. I do hope so as it looks great casually floating around with an air of French haughtiness.

Much love

For those of you who have no idea what I am waffling on about see the post titled
"Project - phase 1"

Cogitator said...

Hey Eloh, how are you? There are three big pairs of window doors in the room; one has curtains, the other two don't, and they let in a hug amount of light. There are also two smaller window doors, North-facing, that are curtained too. The curtains are mostly to reduce the cold.

Hi Lia, yes, I was dead pleased to find those lampshades. I had to rummage a long time in the box to find four that weren't broken. I think they cost me a couple of quid each.

The floating table will be coming back, but not the rug, since it would just insulate the room from the heated floor. I don't know if the rug is necessary to sustain the floating table illusion, but we will find out :)

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